Introduction to WordPress and WooCommerce

If you are an event manager and have just discovered FooEvents, you are probably very excited to have found the perfect solution to selling tickets online. You might, however, be new to WordPress and WooCommerce and find the whole mix of software a bit intimidating. Fear not, we have written a short guide that will ensure you know everything you need to know in order to get up and running within minutes.

As you may know, FooEvents is a suite of tools that make it easy to create events, sell tickets, manage attendee check-ins and ensure a well run, professional event. To use FooEvents, you will need to install it on a website that can safely handle ecommerce transactions. To create such a website, we use WordPress and WooCommerce

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How to create different ticket types in FooEvents using WooCommerce variations and attributes

One of the many strengths of FooEvents is that it leverages powerful functionality that is built into the WooCommerce core. A good example of this is the way FooEvents uses WooCommerce Variable products to create different ticket types.

For example, you may need to sell different types of tickets at various prices based on the area of the event that the attendee should have access to. Using WooCommerce Variable products, you can create different variations of the ‘event product’ which also act as different ticket types. In the following demo example we have created three ticket types; Seated, Standing and Golden Circle. Each ticket type is sold at a different price and the variation details will be automatically displayed on the attendees ticket as seen in the screenshot below.

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How to create reoccurring events using FooEvents Multi-day plugin

You asked and we listened! Based on your feedback, we recently released a major update to the FooEvents Multi-day plugin which makes it possible to create events that repeat on specific calendar days. Using the FooEvents Multi-day plugin you can sell tickets that will give your attendees access to the event over multiple calendar or sequential days. What makes this feature unique is that the reoccurring days are not limited to weekly, monthly, or annual occurrences, but rather it gives you the ability to choose the exact days that the event will repeat ensuring that you have granular control.

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