5 Essential Website Design Tips

Designing a website is easy. Creating an awesome website design is extremely difficulty. Grenade designs exceptional websites for large brands. We do this by dissecting complex problems into tiny manageable parts and constructing unified solutions to meet our client’s objectives. We channel years of practical experience and talent into every design decision. Here are a few simple but crucial website design tips that will help you do the same and produce beautiful, practical, goal orientated designs that your clients will love.

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5 Tips for Creating an Effective Brand

A brand is far more than a logo or set of colours. It is a representation of the values your company, product, or yourself hold most dear. The purpose of your brand is to create an identity that gives others an opportunity to understand who you are. Hopefully, that understanding results in some sort of meaningful relationship.

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Grenade Featured on Bizcommunity

Grenade, a new agency founded by online veterans Colin Daniels (@youngblood) and Robin Pietersen (@robinpietersen), will focus on developing web and mobile products for publishers and content-rich businesses in emerging markets. They were previously partners in a digital agency.

The massive growth in bandwidth consumption, demand for content in the BRICS region (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and that South Africa is well positioned in Africa, was part of the rationale for the company’s emerging market strategy.

It sees its target audience including everyone from traditional publishers, such as newspapers and magazines, right through to travel agents and trade unions on the other end of the content spectrum.

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