Free Twenty Twenty-Four business card child theme

I have been building WordPress sites for about 15 years, so transitioning from the classic WordPress experience to a block-based experience has been challenging.

There has been a ton of buzz about the new default Twenty Twenty-Four theme since its launch, so I decided to rebuild my personal site using only the Twenty Twenty-Four theme. My goal was to get more comfortable using blocks and FSE (full site editing) and produce a simple and clean design that serves as an online business card.

Starting with a fresh install, I spent around 2 hours modifying the default Twenty Twenty-Four theme, resulting in the site you see now. While there are a few quirks and issues that need to be ironed out, the overall experience was surprisingly enjoyable and showed significant progression since I last attempted to build a site using only blocks.

I was also super impressed with the Twenty Twenty-Four theme and how it ties everything together. It does a terrific job showcasing the potential of blocks and for me, it marks a turning point for Gutenberg.

Download this Theme

If you like the design of this site, you can download my Twenty Twenty-Four Child theme and make it your own.